Here is a sample of comments from reviews of SunFocus Courses

From Business Owners and Managers

  • The course very thorough and comprehensive.  Thank you for the service. - Robert
  • Easy to understand - Dan
  • Thank you! - Amber
  • Very helpful - Norma
  • The course was very enlightening and  knowledgeable . Courses were easy to follow and understand. - Barbara
  • Enjoyed - Kayleigh

From Employees

  • This training course is very helpful ! - Madison
  • I liked how clear the information was and that the questions were clear as well. - Ann
  • Enjoyed the extra feedback and the quizzes - Tasha
  • Very informative - Sherry
  • Gives good insight on how to run the salon properly - Danielle
  • The training is very clear. GREAT COURSE - Donna
  • it was perfect! I for sure learned a lot more! - Julieanne

Since we started in 1994 SunFocus has been "brand neutral". We have no "sponsors" or "partners" that pay us for endorsement; no affliation with any industry vendor. We are not an "Institute" or "Network" that was founded by a magazine company. We have no membership fees and carry no ads.

We are truthfully independent; this allows us to give you accurate and independent information you can trust, not ads "dressed up" as information.

SunFocus provides more state / province specific, tanning certification courses than all other salon certification vendors combined. That means training that applies to your situation.

That's why students consistently praise our courses for being clear, easy to understand and follow, informative and reliable.

SunFocus - the only Tanning Certification backed by the exclusive Certification for Life ™ guarantee**. Get Certified Today and You Are Certified for Life.

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